Xiaomi MIX 2S A Stunning Notch-less Flagship

Xiaomi MIX 2S A Stunning Notch-less Flagship

Xiaomi MIX 2S A Stunning Notch-less Flagship Under $400

The Xiaomi is technically the first one that change everyone’s perception
of how the future or smartphone can look like with the Xiaomi Mix.

Enter the two generation of the mix the mix to s constantly stepped
up in with the most affordable snapdragon 845 flagship.

Upgraded Camera

An upgraded camera pretty much the same design
with a ceramic back and wireless charging insight which makes it
The mixed Xiaomi MIX 2s retains the very same design language as its predecessor.
Though you do get a slightly better screen to body ratio with a finishing.

The decision often having a front camera at the bottom is still an annoyance
The positive change about the phone’s design is the ban
which now supports wireless charging.
If you slightly havior dynamics too but offers a better weight distribution
so that it feels right on your hand other than that.
The Xiaomi MIX 2S doesn’t have water and dust resistance a hip inject and storage expansion
compromises aside.

Xiaomi Stunning Smartphone

Stunning Smarphone

The Xiaomi MIX 2S is still an impressive smartphone by all means and you’re going
to want to opt for the higher storage model.

If you don’t want to run into storage issues during the ownership
the Xiaomi mix deliver a great experience that I have expected out of a flagship.
Even though miss me wise software isn’t my favorite Android skin it fortunately
isn’t filled with bloatware and gimmicky features which keeps the first performance consistent.
One thing that I really appreciate in the user experience is the fullscreen gestures.
It is available with other cell mate devices but it works particularly great on the Xiaomi mix.
Though I have to admit that the gestures are inspired from the iPhone 10
and isn’t doing an exact carbon copy of it and it results navigation problems.
When holding the phone on either hand especially when you want to go back
to the previous screen.
You can either straight from the left or right side of the panel
in a full-screen game or app.
I also don’t find myself accidentally starting as much as I do on the iPhone 10
most apps.
I’ve been using can take advantage of the entire screen a state
do not perfect at times at least it’s not as annoying as the knotch.

Impessive Dual Camera

The camera of the Xiaomi mix 2s is where it impresses me the most.
The dual camera module comprises of two 12 megapixel sensors.
The main sensor takes optically stabilized white angle shots at F the secondary sensor
takes telephoto shots at F due to the larger sensor size on the main sensor.
The Xiaomi MIX 2S is a pretty capable shooter in various lighting conditions
the telephoto lens also performs great when you need to get closer to your subjects
it is one of the best phone cameras.

Intelligent Recognition

If you’re thinking to use it to replace your typical point-and-shoot
while traveling Xiaomi has promoted an intelligent recognition feature
on the mix camera software.

I’ve tested it against the non-ai camera mode and sure enough.

I realized slight improvement in details and color saturation when it understands
the object that I’m capturing.
Otherwise you don’t need to use it all the time to get good photos.
The only unpleasant moment I have with the Xiaomi MIX 2S is using the front camera.

It’s so annoying that every time you want to take a selfie you’re gonna have
to turn the phone around and pressing the volume keys to take a picture.
Is a extremely awkward in that position but thankfully image quality is decent
with a great face Beauty filter with power efficient hot renter nose.
The Xiaomi MIX 2S delivers great usage time despite only
having a thirty four hundred miliamper hour battery.
In most cases it will get you through the day with heavy social media and messaging activities.

The inclusion of quick trust is also a great feature when you want to get
the phone back up quickly.

Wireless Charging

However I had a little issue with the phone’s wireless charging feature.
I’m not sure if it is something to do with my unit or marvelous charging pad
because there are times that it wouldn’t charge properly which requests me
to reposition the phone.
For call quality the mix to SPR piece sounds fine with no leaking issues my color scale
so hear my voice property as well on their end.

Xiaomi has once again outdone its competitors with the Xiaomi mix 2s
it is a premium flagship that looks uniquely its own and doesn’t cost an organ to own one.
It’s a no-brainer if you want a flagship Android smartphone that performs well
with a great camera and hardware features.


Fundamentally the compromises on the phone can be easily forgiven
if you appreciate what the phone has to offer under $400 buks.
It’s really amazing to see how Xiaomi is able to achieve such cross mention
on the Xiaomi MIX 2S without charging a premium like the rest well.
I do understand Xiaomi profits are meager for smartphones and this is still
a big win for consumers.
While the Xiaomi Mix 2s is only officially available in the 64 gigabyte storage model.

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