Huawei Honor 8X Affordable Smartphone Review

Huawei Honor 8X Affordable Smartphone Review

The Huawei Honor 8x though is still a very interesting device

that manages to offer impressive looking specs
at a relatively low price.
Through all the specs and the features and then we’re gonna say
if what you’re getting is good value or bad value or just average.

Amazing Big Screen

Given the price tag of the Huawei Honor 8x is the screen
and this is a fantastic screen given the price so it’s a full HD IPS LCD display
but what’s impressive is the size.
This is a six point five inch display
is a nineteen point five by nine aspect ratio
and it’s got very thin bezels with an 84 point four percent screen
to body ratio so what you’re getting here is really a phablet territory.
It’s a really big display that’s fantastic if you like reading Kindle
on there or Marvel Comics or watching YouTube or Netflix
This is a great screen and I’d say one of the big selling points of this device
If you want a big screen and you don’t have the cash for say a note or a galaxy s 9 plus
then it is a great alternative.

Honor 8x Big Screen

Huawei Honor 8x Design

The design is also really impressive actually it
is a aluminium and glass body in fact I’d say there’s
nothing of out this device that would give away
the fact that it isn’t significantly more expensive.
The Huawei Honor 8x feels weighty and cool in the hand it’s nicely curved
and of course it’s got that reflective back panel that Honor 8X
is really known for.
I love my red model it really stands out without
being ostentatious slim bezels are just the icing on the cake to present
a overall fantastic looking and feeling device.

The Performance

This is smack bang in the middle average what you’d expect for the price
The kirin 710 SOC is going to perform roughly equivalent
to a Snapdragon 660 probably just below that so don’t expect
top of the range performance occasionally.
I noticed the odd stutter the odd pause and then animation when going
through the UI nothing major but it is occasionally there in terms of gaming
you’re relying on a Marley G 51 GPU and it’s perfectly adequate
for playing pretty much all games on the Play Store
but it is a mid to lower end GPU so expect to see a few dropped frames
if you have it on the higher graphical settings
For most people that’s not a problem this is no beast a gaming phone
and don’t even on GPU turbo that only affects the couple of games
like pub G that it’s optimized for.
You’re seeing slightly increased framerate stability barely noticeable
GPU turbo is a bit of a marketing gimmick.

Battery Performance

Battery performance is very good for the price
The Huawei Honor 8x has a three thousand seven hundred and fifty mili amp hour battery
which is a large enough in its own right but
if you combine that with the energy-efficient Kirin 710
you have a device that lasts a very long time
in spite of that large screen okay.
What’s arguably bad even at this price is microUSB
yes i saw on the real me to pro but I didn’t like it there
either in 2018 this just makes no sense
Other OEMs are managing to give us USB type-c for a low price
and even the honor eight had USB type-c so this is just barmy to me
is it big deal probably not for a lot of people after all it’s gonna
do is slow down your transfer speeds a little bit
and your charging times.
Honor 8x Glass Body
However it does make your device less future-proof
it does mean you’re potentially gonna have to carry extra leads
around with you and it’s just backwards facing
and it’s really a bit of a Mar and what
Otherwise a very forwards facing design software wise
this is average again
you get Android with EMU I on top and if you’ve used an Honor 8x
a while wait device before then you know what to expect
I’m not a huge fan of some of the aesthetic decisions here
but most of those you can cover up with a custom launcher.
Anyways it does in my opinion maybe slow things down a little bit
maybe performance would be slightly better if it was stock Android
but again it’s not a big issue a lot of people like in UI
so average we do have NFC which you don’t always
get on devices for this price point that of course
means you can use contactless payment apps etc.
That’s gonna be very welcome for a lot of people
also we have a headphone jack and dual SIM knotch
some people like it some people don’t at least
you can turn it off in the settings.


The camera has pros and cons and for some people
it will be a plus and for some people it will be a minus
so on the plus side this has a good megapixel count
The rear shooter is 20 megapixels backed up by a
two megapixel depth sensor so this will bring out a fair amount
of detail of course the music indeed bouquet and portrait mode.

The Low-light Performance

However there’s no optical stabilization but then you would expect
that and of course you’ve got all that AI scene recognition layered
on top now this is a little bit of a tenshun
because AI scene recognition is very hit and miss sometimes occasionally
I think it does enhance a photo but other times
I think it just ups the saturation to the point where things
look actually fake and absurd
a lot of the time you’ll do better to just turn off the AI mode
I always say with honour and Huawei cameras that they’re really good
if you put the work in
but if you don’t they can occasionally come out looking
a bit like I say oversaturated of the AI mode even with AI mode off
there occasionally a bit warm around the front.

16 Megapixel Selfie Camera

You get a 16 megapixel selfie camera and I think that’s
actually pretty generous
I do like to have a decent front-facing camera
you can do portrait mode from both sides and normally
I actually find that on our phones are among the best
when it comes to the portrait mode but where
this new SOC or what are they no.
I haven’t found that to be quite the case here so that’s
the Huawei Honor 8x and I’ve listed off all the things that are good and bad
an average and I’d say that on the whole there’s
more good here than bad as a great design ring big punchy screen
a fairly average performance in a fairly average camera.
There’s so much to choose from in the mid and lower range at the moment.
This is a fantastic time to buy an Android phone
for a little bit less cash and that means
you have the luxury of bail to pick and choose
the features that really matter to you.


The Huawei Honor 8X is fantastic for people who like consuming media
on their device.
If you don’t have a huge budget and who are happy to play around
with a camera that isn’t always fantastic
the big downside is the microUSB but that’s probably not going to be a deal-breaker
for a lot of people if it is then there’s plenty else out there to choose from

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