Amazfit GTR Smart Watch Review

Amazfit GTR Smart Watch Review

This Amazfit GTR Smart Watch is a bit different from Chinese version.

The Amazfit GTR Smart Watch has two satellite navigation systems unlike Huawei GT which has
three navigation systems
including Galileo, an AMOLED display, class-leading battery life, 50 meters water-resistant
and 8 sports tracking modes.
Has continuous heart rate monitoring with a minimum interval of one reading per minute
and can also show notifications received from paired smartphone.


The Amazfit GTR Smart Watch is made of dark aluminium alloy diameter of the dial is 47 millimeters
there is also in stainless steel model available which is 12 grams heavier than this
The strap is of 22 millimeters with with quick release pin it has synthetic leather layer
on the top and silicon layer on the bottom.
This watch needs a companion app installed on the paired smartphone app name is Amazfit
and it is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
When the watch is switched on it will display an QR code to pair with a companion app
in the companion app click Add device and select amaze fit GTR and scan the QR code displayed
in the watch then the app will take few minutes to pair the watch with the smartphone
in case if you don’t see a QR code when you switch on the watch don’t panic.
Launch the companion app click Add device select GTR click on the text below the QR code scanner
rectangle this will scan for the watch using normal bluetooth search pairing may fail few times
initially try multiple times and restart phone and watch few times if needed.
This is how the watch looks on table few may like stainless steel version and few may elect our
calu minion version.

I personally chose dark version because of its less weight I chose this watch face because
it looks more cleaner and professional.
This is how the user interface manual looks font is a reasonably bigger size
and there is no difficulty in seeing dark or sunlight conditions menu items.
Are settings notifications music heart rate status workout activities weather alarm event
reminder compass timer countdown and find my phone we can change the watch face
through user interface menu or by long pressing on the home screen dial then simply navigate
left and right and select one in watch storage.
It will have the first two watch faces by default the third watch faces user selectable
through companion app.
You can also download additional watch faces when Amazfit releases it.
To launch the control center swipe down in the home dial screen
it has five icons torch brightness
do not disturb, battery saver and lock screen torch.
The Amazfit GTR Smart Watch has two levels of brightness if you want to switch off the torch
simply swipe left by default auto brightness is switched on.
In case if you want to set to manual switch off auto mode and move the slider up and down
In DND screen it has four options enable DND time-based DND smart DND and switch off
DND smart the idea is a cool feature which can detect your sleep and enables DND automatically.
DND disables only the notifications received from smartphone it doesn’t switch off Bluetooth connection
with a smartphone.

Battery Saving Mode

In the battery saver screen there will be a confirmation that it can track only sleep and steps
when in battery saver mode battery saver mode does not disconnect the Bluetooth connection to exit
from the battery saver mode long press the top right button for a few seconds until it exits
Click on the lock button to lock the watch from accidental clicks during driving
or during workout activities.

How To Setup Amazfit GTR Smart Watch

To unlock simply press the top right button in the heart rate screen.
You will see instructions on how to wear the watch to get accurate readings first measurement
will take few seconds then further readings will be quicker.
You can also enable continuous heart rate monitoring through companion app it cannot be enabled
through watch in the heart rate summary screen in the watch.
You will find heart rates divided by categories based on the values in the status screen
and you will see your current activity status like how many steps and how many calories burned etc.
It will also have description about what is idle alert idle alert is shown
if you have been sitting stationary for more than one hour.
In activity screen it will show the current and past sports activities you have tracked
with the watch in workout screen it will have list of sports modes like outdoor running walking
outdoor cycling treadmill indoor cycling open water swimming pool swimming elliptical trainer
climbing trail running skiing and exercise for weight lifting you can use exercise mode
in the weather screen it will display information like current temperature wind speed sunrise
and sunset time for the selected location.
You can change the location through companion app it will also display weather updates
for the next 5 days one by one in the alarm screen it will display list of alarms set for this watch.
You can add alarms through either watch or companion app you can also wear it or disable the alarms
from the watch in the event reminder screen it will display the list of reminders created for this watch.
Events can be added only through companion app under the more section.
First item will be compass under this first item is compass second item is barometer
and third item is altimeter compass needs to be calibrated before first use.
You just need to rotate the hand in an eight cycle or walk in an eight cycle to calibrate
in the timer screen.
You can run a simple stopwatch or with laps once timer is running you can’t go back
to main screen even if the display is off it will come back to this time or screen only
went on so you can’t run a timer
and perform any other parallel tasks on to watch.
Once the timer is paused and gone to back screen timer data will be reset in the countdown screen
it will have various levels of countdowns arranged by minutes.
Once the countdown screen is running like timer you can’t go back to main screen and
you can pause the countdown and go back when coming back to countdown,
you can resume from the previous countdown.
in fine mobile screen you can initiate the ringing of your phone in case if you forgot
where you placed your phone.
You can stop the ring from either phone or watch through a misfit companion app and
you can configure various aspects of the watch first.
Let’s see how to change the watch face using companion app companion app
and you can also download new watch faces when released by a Amazfit.
You can apply new watch faces to the watch only through companion app under incoming call section
and you can configure incoming call alert functionality.
Once configured you can either mute or reject call from the watch amazed that companion app
and may need additional access to enable this functionality.
Under event reminder section you can add reminders for the watch events
are in detailed version of alarms.
You can create events for the watch only through the companion app.
Under watch alarms section you can see the currently created alarms.
On the watch you can create alarms either through watch or companion app
and also create single occurrence alarm or repeat mode alarm under app alerts section.
Configuring notification alerts from the apps installed on the phone you can either
enable or disable the particular app to issue notifications to the watch.
Under idle alert section you can either enable or disable that watch to issue idle alerts.
Under the incoming SMS section user can enable or disable this SMS notification functionality.
Under heartrate section user can select which level of heart rate monitoring he wants.
Options are automatic sleep automatic Plus sleep and do not monitor.
You can set the interval of continuous heart rate monitoring minimum is 1 per minute
maximum is once in 30 minutes.
You can also enable activity detection algorithm which will help to monitor the heart rate
accurately and also enable to watch to issue an alert if there is some level of raised heartbeat
for a prolonged time this is some level of errands me a screening functionality
which will be very helpful for heart patients.
Under watch display settings you can configure in what order the various watch
user interface menu items should be displayed and move the items up and down and select apply.
It will be reflected in the watch under weather settings.
You can change the location in which you are currently in or you can set to automatically
to detect the location based on GPS or choose a static location like home or office app
will also push weather alerts in case of any rain or thunderstorm.
Let’s test the accuracy of the heart rate value is measured by the Amazfit GTR Smart Watch.
to compare we are using in blood pressure monitor which works perfectly as I am recording
immediately after food and some activity readings might be bit higher based on the testing here.
It becomes obvious that GTRs heart rate sensor is really good we had also compared
a Amazfit GTRs heartrate values with Amazfit Stratasys.
The readings are almost the same though we think that GTRs heartrate value is more accurate
compared to Stratis.
This watch doesn’t have a shopping list type of functionality we will explain how user
can create a shopping list kind of functionality app name is dropper using this
You can create a list and drop that to phones notification that notification will be passed
to watch and it will remain in watch until the user deletes.
now we will see how this watch looks with various type of watch straps
I have been using a black leather strap for my Stratis and use that in this watch personally
it looks more sleeker than the brown strap this watch came with.
I had also used the default silicon band which came with Stratos believe me
that silicon band is more comfortable than this brown strap it passes more air to the skin
and that makes us feel more comfortable.

Final Words

Now let’s have a look at the issues with this watch it doesn’t support characters other
than English and Chinese when the non English characters come in emails or messages
it just displays the question mark it also doesn’t display the emojis and the emails or messages
hope these two will be rectified in the upcoming firmware update.

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